Official Statement about my Artist name change!

15 August 2021     

Hi everyone! Hope you’ll are doing good!

I’m writing this to inform an important message that I have officially changed my artist name to Lucjo. The name(Lahar) I have been using since 2018 is a common and two other artists/bands are making music in that name. Due to this, many of my releases got messed up and listed on the other artists’ discography! For past 3.5 years I have been making music with this artist name(Lahar) and managing this issue, but now I have realised that making music on a different and unique name will solve this issue! 

So I’m leaving behind the name “Lahar” , hence my current and future releases will be now under my new name “Lucjo”. So from now on you can call me Lucjo! 🙂

Thanks for your time! Have a nice day(or night). 


Lucjo ❤️